The Conrad Mansion Wedding | Blake + India

India + Blake met in college at Iowa State during their senior year. Their first date was Blake bringing a pizza over to India’s apartment and they stayed up watching movies and talking all night. They always joke that Blake would come over for her air conditioning and India loved him because he always brought her food. But really, they just loved being around each other right away. India knew it was something special because she felt comfortable around him immediately. Early on, Blake told her that he farms in a small town, so if they went anywhere as a couple she would have to move to Garwin. India told him that sounded perfect and now they’re living in the house Blake grew up in. Now, a handful of years later we celebrated at The Conrad Mansion with all their friends + family. A yummy ice cream bar, an ISU victory, and a big mansion to stay in for two nights with all their friends, now that’s my kind of party!!! Congratulations to the Warren’s!

Wedding invite flat lay
Wedding dress hanging at conrad mansion
Bride holds her dress in one hand and her groom in the other as they walk away showing off the back of her gorgeous wedding gown.

Venue // The Conrad Mansion
Dress // Weddings By Design
Hair Artist // Tara Christensen
DJ // Putting on the Hitz
Photographer + Videographer // LE Photo | Design

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