I'm a mom of two boys, which means I spend most days barefoot, baking chicken nuggets, and playing outside on our acreage with them + our two dogs.

Growing up I was the kid who always had a disposable camera with me wherever I went. (Do they even make those anymore?!) I was a 5th grader in 4-H taking all the photos. And I also worked for a photographer throughout high school.

When I graduated from high school I got my associates degree in Graphic Design. I was still known for always having my camera with me and began photographing my friends and family members more + more. I guess you could say "the rest is history," because word spread and I began taking a lot more photos of couples and families. (Shooting my first wedding in 2014 and hundreds of families since.) Capturing your "us" is my favorite thing to document behind the camera!

Saved by grace. Ice cream obsessed.
Daily annoying my husband for back
rubs + cuddling. 

Fun facts about me

I grew up on a beef farm in north central Iowa where I discovered my passion for photography as a member of 4-H.

I eat a bowl of ice cream 5 out of 7 nights a week. (And that's probably being conservative)

My family loves being outside, camping, hiking, kayaking, running, biking, etc.

I'm the oldest of 8 children. Was homeschooled. And have never watched/read Harry Potter.
(My husband is determined to change that!)

I love traveling and have visited nearly every state. Plus the countries of Mexico, Canada, and Africa.

We own two rescue dogs, a German Shepherd named Hank and a Boarder Collie named Kelly. 

This love story is probably more dramatic than it needed to be, but it's still my favorite! We weren't high school sweet hearts. And we didn't fall in love in college. I told this guy "no" a bunch of times before I ever agreed to go on a date with him. But this man pursued and persisted. One time during his pursuit to date me Brad showed up at my apartment pool and texted me, "Hey, I'm at your pool and I have pizza!" (I guess he knew the way to my heart!) And after 2 years of putting him in the "friend zone" we fell in love + got married! No one has ever pursued and valued my heart like him!

Our Love Story

My Tribe

When I’m not behind the camera you can find me hanging out with my boys. Playing outside with our two dogs. Camping. Bike rides. Running. Fires. And enjoying a Moscow mule while binge watching some show with the hubs.

That''s our "Us!"

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