What do I  mean by "us?" Well, my husband and I our "us" is cuddling on the couch, sipping on a Moscow Mule, and binge watching one of our favorite shows. Or just going on a walk down the gravel road. I love the simple things that become even more enjoyable when you get to do them with your loves.

Your version of ‘us’ is unique. You have flirtatious looks, sweet nudges, special things you enjoy together, that capture who you are as a couple or family, and I approach your love story looking for those special gestures.

I want you to look at your photos and say with a grin, “That’s totally us!” - Not in the obvious way that, yes, you are the ones in the photographs. But in a way that truly means I caught a glimpse of your meaning behind “us.”


Telling the story of your "Us"!

Messy hair + sweatpants + barefoot. That how you'll usually find me, running around after my three little loves. Or, at the end of the day, on the couch, with a bowl of ice cream, cuddling my tall, always sarcastic, hubby. The five of us live in a little country home, have a dog, love Jesus, and enjoy being outside!! I'm super laid back and love real, raw, authentic moments - in my life, relationships and photography. That's what I like to call your "us." And I'd love to get to know you and document all those sweet nudges, goofy grins + all the laughter of your "us!"

i'm lori!

Hey, it's me!

Telling the story of your

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"When I look back on my wedding day, it’s the tiny details I remember. The ones we were sure no one else noticed. Except our photographer did! Working with Lori was and absolute dream, but she went above and beyond my expectations. I’m a creative person, so I always have the pictures in my head of how I want things to look, and that included my photographs of the day. Lori captured out favorite details of the day exactly how we wanted. Kelly and I are beyond grateful for the job she did. If we had to it all over again, we wouldn’t do it any other way. I can’t even express how happy I am that we hired her. Thank you so much, Lori! I wish I could hire you to follow us around, full-time!"

"Lori is legit deserving of the title “Baby Whisperer”. We have had her take our newborn photos for all three kids and somehow she can take the most fussy of babies and lull them into the sweetest of sleeps and poses. Her artistic eye captures moments of beauty that catch my breath and make me tear up when looking at our pics for the first time. I was hesitant to take the financial plunge of newborn pics the first time around, but it is honestly one of the best financial investments we have made for our babes. We can’t keep our babies tiny for forever, but we can capture and treasure some of those incredible be-still-my-heart moments. Love your work, Lori!"

"I  am SO glad we picked Le Photo Design to capture our wedding day. I knew after our engagement photos that we had made the perfect choice, but after receiving our wedding photos I'm even more blown away! Lori is so nice, organized, a great communicator, and makes the photo parts of your day go very smoothly. She manages to capture so many tiny, human moments in her photos. She will take photos that look and feel like "you" in ways you didn't think were possible! She captured all the love and happiness we felt on our big day, and tons of tiny details I would otherwise forget. She is an excellent choice to capture your big day."




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