Jordan + Hallie | Central Iowa Couples Session

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY DOING TOGETHER?! Think of an activity you love doing together as a couple, or family, and let’s go with that for your session! (Don’t worry, we’ll still get the “mantle worthy photo” too.) If you want to get those “in front of the camera jitters” out, and feel comfortable on the other side of my lens, then I suggest choosing something you would normally do together, that feels natural, and I’ll just be the third-wheel there snapping photos! Grab a pizza and a beer together. Roller blade or play a game of basketball. Your options are endless!! Trust me, I’m super laid back and I’m up for whatever idea you have!

These two showed up at my house in their sweats, not prepared for photos, but I threw them a basketball and they rolled with it. These high school sweet hearts are natural athletes and enjoy a good competitive game together. So what better way to feel like yourselves in front of the camera then with a little game of basketball + with a whole lot of flirting!

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