Des Moines Wedding | Mitch + Rachel

We made it back to where it all began! The dorm where Mitch + Rachel both lived freshman year at Drake University in Des Moines. They were both accounting majors but not until their sophomore year did they become close friends because of their mutual friends + all the classes they had together. There was constant texting + hanging out with each other, not only for study sessions, but because they had the best time with each other and it just seemed so natural of a relationship. However, not until senior year did Mitch + Rachel start dating, when it was finally the perfect timing. They had built a deep friendship for 2+ years and appreciated their love and relationship even more because they had become best friends. On August 7 they threw the best party to celebrate their love + marriage! Forever with each other seems like the easiest choice!

Church // St. Boniface Catholic Church, Waukee
Venue // Hilton Garden Inn, WDM
Florist // Mother of the Brdie
Dress // Wedding’s by Design
Cake Artist // Hyvee
Photographer // LE Photo|Design

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