Tips for choosing the best outfit for photos!

It’s the daunting question, “WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR?!” Everyone thinks about this before their photo session, but most do not enjoy the process of figuring out the answer. So let me try to help you out by walking through my own process of choosing outfits for photos.

Here’s a few tips to get you started..

  1. Think about your surroundings and the setting that your photos will be taking place in. Are you at home? Out in nature? Or is it more of a city/urban vibe? Cooler weather? Warm weather? All of these things play a factor into choosing what you’ll wear and the feel of your photos.
  2. It’s easiest if you choose one person’s outfit and then coordinate everyone else from there. I always like to choose my outfit first. I want to feel confident in what I’m wearing and typically choose everyone else’s outfit according to that. So the color scheme, how casual or fancy we are dressing, it’s all determined by my outfit.
  3. Don’t forget to include layers, textures, flowy/moving pieces, and accessories. Think shoes, a skirt, layering a graphic tee, a hat, jewelry, etc. I call these statement pieces! Try choosing a few pieces that show some personality in a fun way!
  4. It does help the photos become more timeless if you avoid bright and distracting patterns or logos. When choosing colors my personal favorites are the earthy tones! It is also helpful if you lay all your outfits out on the bed or floor so that you can see the clothing pieces next to each other.
  5. Text me! Send me photos or ideas! Ask for help! Look on Pinterest! You can find so much inspiration around you. For nearly all these photoshoots below I already had the clothing items, I just discovered a new way to style them that I hadn’t thought of before.

Now, let’s jump into some examples..

This session is still one of my favorites that my friend Gabi, of GG Photography, captured for us! Typically we do winter in-home sessions, but a couple years ago we had these fall family photos taken and I absolutely love them. I’m also still really impressed and proud of our outfits! Leather jacket, boots, my hubby threw on a hat for a couple photos, and lots of layers worn by everyone. Do you think anyone would notice if we wore these outfits again for photos?

This next session took place in our home by the wonderful Chelsea Kyaw Photography. I wanted our session to feel comfy and homey. I wore an baggier sweat shirt for a “movement” piece and both boys wore sweatpants and graphic tees that fit their personalities. A monkey tee because we always call our second born, “Chunky Monkey.” And a “Chicken Nug Life” tee, because it’s all they want to eat every day. (Any mom relate?!) Since this session was at our home we also ended our time with Chelsea by eating ice cream. Not only did this create some fun photos that I LOVE, but it also worked as the perfect bribe to get a couple of toddlers to cooperate. 😉

Next, yet another talented photographer, Kayla Pontier Photography, took our baby girl’s newborn photos in January. Textured sweaters with a cream and grey color scheme was the perfect combination for our newborn session. We’ve had lots of session’s taken in our home, but these sessions are always my favorite because it’s where we live life together and are comfortable. So I wanted out clothing to look/feel comfy while also being a little dressier than the above sweatpants session in our home.

And lastly, our most recent family session by GG Photography. These outfit choices were obviously a little easier since two family members were not even wearing shirts! I, again, chose earthy tones of blue/denim and a pop of mustard. We added texture with baby girl’s ruffles, my frayed jean shorts, and a pair of corduroy shorts on one of the boys.

Some of these outfits would seem too basic if I just described them as, “a nicer t-shirt and shorts,” but when you think about the above tips (textures, layers, statement pieces, etc) they’ll photograph really well! Ultimately, don’t stress too much over your outfits – it’s your connection that matters most in the photos!

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