Joe + Sami | North Iowa Wedding

“Marriage // two people radically loving their Savior, then loving each other, and allowing the world to watch.”

One of Joe’s high school best friends married one of Sami’s high school best friends, but we all know 2020 changed plans last year, so the wedding that these two were suppose to be introduced at couldn’t happen the way it was originally planned. Later that summer Sami’s friend reached out to try connect to these two again and Joe set up a date for he and Sami! They went to a park and talked for SO long before getting dinner. Tons of their conversation was/is about Jesus and that conversation just hasn’t ended. Now it’s fun weekends spent together making homemade pizzas, being active together, and dancing in the kitchen!

In the letters they wrote to each other Joe + Sami both mentioned how much they appreciate the other person speaking Truth into their life and reminding them how Jesus loves and sees them. This is exactly what their wedding day was too, one that spoke Truth and reflected our Redeemer’s love.

Church // First Presbyterian Church
Venue // Columbia Event Center
Florist // The Villager Flowers and Gifts
Hair Artist // Innovations Salon
Makeup Artist // Emma Elsbecker
Dress // Modern Dress
Videographer // MatteBox Creative
DJ // BiF Enterprises
Photographer // LE Photo|Design

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